Welcome at our website
On this site you find a lot of information about our dogs and the Irish Setter.
We bought our first Irish setter in 1976. It was a very sweet bitch bred from old Dutch bloodlines.
When she was five years old we decided to buy a second dog. This was a son of the famous Champion Hunter v.h. Adelaarsvaren
and Goldings Mega (import UK). The name of this dog was Sir Aegir v.d. Maarnse Meent.
Aegir became a very successful show dog and was therefore asked as stud dog, this way we got two puppies by him: Illusion of the
Hunter’s Home and Jennifer vom Holterwald. With these bitches we started our kennel 'of the Red Empire'.
At the moment we have bred 13 Dutch Champions and 1 World Champion. But our main goal is to breed a healthy and friendly companion because that’s what attracted us in the breed.
An Irish Setter is a family dog who likes spending time with you, but also wants to have a lot of exercise.
You don’t need to take him out for a three hour walk every day, but several times a week a nice walk off the leash will be necessary
to keep your dog happy.
At the moment we have two dogs and eight bitches. If you click on the “Onze Honden” button, you’ll find their names, pedigrees and photo’s. In 2014 our last litter was born, we’ve decided to stop breeding and just enjoy our own dogs.